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QDRO-law is a regional law firm that works throughout the Pacific Northwest.

How is QDRO pronounced?

QDRO-law prepares and reviews court documents that are needed to transfer pension plan benefits and retirement accounts from one spouse to the other because of a divorce or legal separation. This special type of court document is commonly referred to as a QDRO. "QDRO" is an abbreviation for "qualified domestic relations order." For a flat fee in most cases, QDRO-law prepares the QDRO, obtains the judge's signature on the QDRO, files the QDRO in the divorce proceeding, and obtains an acknowledgment from the pension plan administrator that the QDRO will be implemented.

QDRO-law works with most types of pension plans and retirement accounts:
401(k) plans; profit sharing plans; Keogh plans; 403(b) plans; tax-deferred annuities; 457 plans; deferred compensation plans; non-qualified plans; money purchase pension plans; ESOPs; traditional defined benefit pension plans that pay a monthly check at retirement; cash balance plans; federal civil service pensions (including CSRS and FERS); federal thrift savings plan; state civil service pensions; Washington LEOFF, PERS, SERS, TRS, WSPRS; Idaho PERSI), railroad retirement act "Tier II" pension plans, labor union worker pension plans, and all types of IRAs.

QDRO-law attorney Wayne E. Harris formerly practiced law in Oregon, Idaho and Washington with over 27 years of experience in this complex field of law. Wayne retired in 2021.

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