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To assist divorce attorneys and prospective clients, general information about fees QDRO-law charges for services is provided here. QDRO-law enters into an attorney-client relationship and a contract for legal services with QDRO-law's client only. QDRO-law's client is responsible for all fees.

Flat Fee for QDRO Preparation and Processing

If the divorce is already final, QDRO-law usually charges a flat fee for its services. See the services section of this website for a description of the services QDRO-law provides. The flat fee is generally $600 for a defined contribution plan like a 401(k). It must be emphasized that fees are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact QDRO-law to discuss the work that needs to be done and the fee that will be charged. In almost all cases, QDRO-law must receive its flat fee in advance before it prepares a QDRO.

Out-of-Pocket Costs

QDRO-law does not bill its client for ordinary first class postage, photocopy, fax, or long distance telephone expenses.

However, QDRO-law does bill its client for the fees courts impose to obtain copies of documents from the court and related appearance fees some courts charge. These fees vary from case to case.

Hourly Fee for Consulting Work and QDRO Review

For work that is not charged at a flat rate, QDRO-law charges $275 per hour, billed in tenth of an hour increments. For any matter in which QDRO-law is retained, there is a minimum fee of $275.

Retainers / Advanced Fee Deposits

QDRO-law places all retainers / advance fee deposits in a trust account.

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